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Welcome to this inclusive space for sharing resources for our community.  This is for you, your teams, and families as we collectively navigate these times and nurture each other.  You’ll find professional and personal resources that focus on self-care and sustainability, productivity, connectivity, and positivity—on the job and at home (which may be the same physical place).

Please share this site and anything you find here freely and send additional ideas and resources to  You can also sign up below to join our Share & Care email list.  Take care of yourself as you take care of others.

Messages to our Community

May 31, 2020:  We hope you've been enjoying the reflections, thoughts and appreciations included in our weekly messages over the past 2 months. As of June 1, OSF will be issuing its messages less frequently, without a regular timeline. We still have much to share and continue to send gratitude to those caring for our communities. There will be more to come so please keep an eye out for our Share & Care messages in the future. Mahalo and please take care.

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o   3/27/2020

o   4/3/2020

o   4/10/2020

o   4/17/2020

o   4/24/2020

o   5/1/2020

o   5/8/2020

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o   5/29/2020

o   6/5/2020 - Reflections on social justice and compassion

o   8/3/2020

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Support Local

Find out what's open in Hawai'i at

o  Basic Needs

o  Eat:  Support local restaurants through takeout and delivery

o  Shop

o   Self-care

o   Service

o  Other

Decompress & Have FUN!

o   What to Watch, Listen to and Read During Your Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

o   Free Things That Weren’t Free Before Coronavirus

o   Listen, learn, and laugh with local artists! For kids: The HI Way show (Honolulu Theatre for Youth) on TV and story timeHumor: Improv Hawaii Live   Break out your crayons: local coloring pages  Learn Slack-Key:  Grammy Award-winning Jeff Peterson’s free lessons

o  DANCE your heart out...with no one looking!

o  Get outside and #chalkyourwalk! Unleash creativity and spread hope

o   Let's make and view ART!!

Appreciate what's outside: virtual, mindful forest bathing (free for essential workers), and learn more about our streams and forests with Hawai‘i Nature Center

o  James and the Giant Peach readings with Taika Waititi, Meryl Streep, Chris Hemsworth and more (for Partners in Health)

o   Music

o  Movies & TV

o   Books

o   Visits

What's New

(posted 8/22/2020)

Promote Well-Being

o   The Dalai Lama's simple advice to navigating COVID-19 isolation

Support Local

o   SUPPORT local small businesses and entrepreneurs

Decompress & Have FUN!

o   NATURE and MUSIC with the Bird Song Opera

Stay Connected

o   Service is a key antidote to loneliness

o   Women Writing History: A Coronavirus Journaling Project

Work from Home (and with Kids!)

o  Tips for work-from-home blues (tailor to your current situation)

Stay Connected

o   Reciprocity Ring makes asking for and offering help easy

o   Physical, not Social Distancing: Staying Connected in the Coronavirus Age

o   8 Free Apps to Help You Stay Connected during Coronavirus

o   Art therapy sessions creating daily connections

o  9 Ways to Stay Connected During Social Distancing

Focus our minds on the present: take social media breaks

o  Mindful conversations over virtual dinners

o  Be kind

o  Practicing empathy builds connectedness

o  Capture stories of loved ones with StoryCorp Connect for archival at the Library of Congress

o  Every1ne (One Hawai‘i) Pau Hana Series with local musicians, chefs, comedians, and fitness instructors connecting us together at home

o  Actions of ALOHA for all

o  Celebrate the small things: stories of getting through this together, of connectedness, and of hope

o   Watch and spread gratitude with BOH's #MahaloMovement

o   Keep college students socially connected

o   Connect with others: View from my window

o   Connect with dolphins

o   Offer and receive services and resources directly on the Kūkulu Switchboard

o   Cultivate calm, loving-kindness, and resilience during Wednesday meditations and talks with a larger community (live and recorded)

8 Ways to BUILD COMMUNITY (say hi to dogs!)

Work from Home (and with kids!)

o   Be efficient with energy

o  Professional

o  Personal

o  Stay-at-home School Ideas

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