Strengthening teams and collaborating across sectors to help organizations grow.

Strengths and Well-Being Offerings

These programs integrate a strengths-based curriculum (rooted in Gallup's StrengthsFinder assessment) as a strategy for self-care. OSF believes that well-being is the foundation for resilience and for healthy teams. 

Thriving in Change and Challenge: Cultivating Resilience Series

OSF launched an online series that addresses professionals’ expressed needs that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. The series is time-, location-, and cost-accessible, providing participants with experiences and skills to thrive during uncertain times.

Leveraging technology as a means to connect individuals and teams, participants increase their well-being by gaining tools for calm, focus, and energy. This requested series includes:

  • Five (5) 90-minute sessions over a course of two to three months
  • Up to 20 participants using the online Zoom platform
  • A strengths-based approach with sessions focused on well-being, support, and connection to foster resilience during challenging times

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Strengths and Self-Care Series

This series brings together co-workers to learn about their strengths and how to leverage them to develop stronger, more cohesive teams and effect positive change in the workplace. Sessions integrate self-care and well-being strategies to apply to work and personal lives.

This professional development experience focuses on the individual as part of a team. It recognizes that a clear understanding of personal strengths and a healthy self improve work dynamics, team productivity and innovation.

  • A one-hour orientation and three full-day, personalized sessions over two months
  • An experience for up to 15 participants from a workplace team
  • An approach focused on the strengths of each participant and how top talents/strengths relate to change
  • A focus on well-being and strategies for self-care and healthier living

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Signature Cohort Offerings

Here’s how they work: Organizations select team members to participate in a cohort experience that our experts custom-create. These participants are often a collective of people who share a purpose—they gather around an organizing principle that shapes their cohort. The cohort may include professionals from one company, different departments or agencies, nonprofits, and other stakeholders. We gather these individuals at locations around the islands for in-depth, interactive workshop experiences. Together, we explore serious topics in creative environments that are both indoors and in nature. This work is 100 percent-focused on professional development. Growth comes from walking alongside one another, collaborative learning, and pushing outside of comfort zones. Our strengths-based philosophy offers a new view on how organizations, companies, agencies, and communities can thrive.

Appreciating Change Series*

This is for organizations seeking to invest in their teams and for groups of people who work within the same system (e.g., one company, state department programs, multiple departments in the same company or branch of government).

An experiential learning program that explores participant roles in creating a culture, partnering with stakeholders, and solving the toughest problems at work and in our communities.

  • Immerse participants in eight full-days of personalized sessions that span four months
  • Convenes 15 to 20 participants in a cohort shaped around a shared organizing principle
  • Utilizes a strengths-based teamwork approach
  • Tests ideas, leverages resources and the group's wisdom
  • Develops Springboard to Action projects that address current issues

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Accelerating Impact Series

This series will bring together professionals from different organizations and those who work in different systems (i.e., “a mixed plate”) to more quickly collaborate, develop, and implement projects and initiatives.

This is a people-centered professional development experience created to leverage team strengths, identify concrete ideas for change, and launch collaborative projects.

  • Eight full-day, personalized sessions over four months
  • A cohort-based experience for 15-20 participants gathered around a shared goal or unifying principle.
  • An approach focused on the strengths of all participants and the team
  • Meeting spaces designed for building relationships, testing ideas, and leveraging resources
  • Launching of Springboard to Action projects that address real issues in real time

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*The Appreciating Change series was made possible with support from the Omidyar ‘Ohana Fund at the Hawai‘i Community Foundation, ‘Ohana Holdings, and Transform Hawaiʻi Government. The Hawai‘i Leadership Forum played an essential role in OSF’s launch and growth, and OSF is grateful for the keen insights from numerous experts who shared their time and expertise including: introductions by Ascend at the Aspen Institute, inspiration from the leaders and change agents at the Tennessee Department of Human Services, and the dedication of all those who serve in the public sector in Hawai‘i and around the country. This series was originally co-created by Karen Aka, Chris Daggett, Marisa Hayase, Adria Estribou, and Rachael Wong, who seek and nurture strengths-based partnerships for the greater good.