Strengthening teams and collaborating across sectors to help organizations grow.

How Our Story Began

In 2017, One Shared Future began as a spark of an idea kindled by Rachael Wong as she reflected on her time leading the State of Hawai`i’s Department of Human Services (DHS).  As DHS director, she was privileged to work with inspiring professionals who are doing great things while confronted with fiscal, staffing, and program constraints, federal mandates, and state requirements. Funding and layered bureaucracy create and perpetuate silos, and this kind of environment results in compliance-focused systems and, often, burnout.  The resilience and commitment of public sector professionals in the face of these challenges fostered in her an unwavering belief in the potential of people, the strengths of our local values, and the power of collaboration to change organization and community outcomes.  She brought a team together to reimagine support for the people that can make community change happen, and the idea grew with private seed funding and the support of many.

One Shared Future’s change leadership approach focuses on professional development experiences in safe spaces, collaborative breakthroughs, and innovations that make real-time impact. It’s about open communication, trust-building, a-ha realizations, and the understanding that we are all in this together.

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Founding Team
From Left: One Shared Future’s Founders  Rachael Wong, Marisa Hayase, Adria Estribou, and Karen Aka


Our story grows with every individual that participates in our unique professional development experiences. One Shared Future professional development experiences catalyze organizational and cross-sector collaboration and problem solving. We help organizations and community initiatives become more effective. Our social-impact model is rooted in the development of teamwork that requires establishing trust and relationships in order for collaboration, creativity, and innovation to emerge. One Shared Future is ever-evolving to meet the changing and dynamic needs of the community.

Our professional development cohorts inspire leadership.

We are a social impact business. Our name is intentional and born of our values and the belief that we can collectively move towards a thriving future that we all share.

We view the public, private, and nonprofit sectors as intertwined. Together, we can do more without silos, turfs, and walls.

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We create safe space for individuals to find their commonalities, which catalyzes creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

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We ignite ideas so that organizations, systems, and communities can be adaptive, resilient, and innovative.

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Our Approach to Service

All Sectors

Public, private and nonprofit sectors must be intrinsically linked to create a brighter future for Hawai‘i.

Safe Space

With support and safe space, people learn more about themselves and gain trust in each other.


We support professional growth and success in service to Hawai`i's people.


Strong connections within organizations, with the community, and between sectors create greater success.


Together, we can provide better services, build stronger partnerships, and nurture thriving communities.