December 3, 2020 – OSF opened its Zoom room to more than 40 people waiting to pay tribute to its 19 graduates, representing the State Department of Human Services and six nonprofit organizations with statewide reach, from its Accelerating Impact Cohort program. Participants were selected for their work in the community and potential for team collaboration. They met virtually for eight, full-day sessions from August through November to identify and leverage individual, team and system strengths. They built lasting personal and professional connections and collectively designed, tested and refined client-focused prototypes to improve the client experience. The Cohort presented their prototypes to their virtual commencement audience with authenticity, wisdom and grace. As OSF's first cohort to meet in a fully virtual capacity, we celebrate and sincerely congratulate this Cohort for not only innovating with their prototypes but also as they learned to work together and connect so effectively in the virtual space. We welcome Cohort 8 to the OSF Community of Practice! Mahalo to the State Department of Human Services and Hawai'i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations for sponsoring this Cohort with representatives from DHS, Catholic Charities, Child & Family Service, Epic 'Ohana, Hale Kipa, Kamehameha Schools, Parents & Children Together.